It says everything is sold out, can I still buy something? 

Sorry, once something is sold out, it is no longer available for purchase at that time. Item quantities will be updated periodically, so keep checking. 

Can you sell or reserve me an item before it is listed? 
Sorry, but no. Everything must be bought through the online store - this way it keeps it fair and everyone has equal opportunity to purchase the item.

Can I cusomize my order?
If you contact me with ample amount of time, I may be able do cusomizations for an extra fee. Prices can be neogotiated via e-mail - melissa.j.christie@gmail.com

Which Payment Methods do you accept?
It's Alive! accepts PayPal only. It is the safest and most secure way of online transactions. 
It also is free to sign up. 

When will my order will shipped?
Orders are shipped within 5 business days of payment.

When will I receive my order?
Canada Post suggests the following delivery times: 

Canada:                    2-10   business days

USA:                         5-10 business days

International Air:        6-12 business days  

International Surface:  4-6 weeks

* These delivery times are only estimated. These times are for delivery only, it may take up to 5 business days to ship your item after purchase. *


How do I wash the zombie bedding?

The zombie bedding is very easy to wash and care for! Just follow these instructions:

Prior to use, throw bedding in a hot dryer for a full  cycle to release any wrinkles

To Wash:

- Turn garment inside out                

- Use mild detergent with no additives like bleach                                  

- Wash in cold water on gentle     

- Hang or tumble dry                                

* These wash instructions will be included with every bedding order